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Naturally High Dielectric Strength With BioBlend Lubricants

BioFlo AWS Hydraulic Fluids are semi-synthetic, readily biodegradable, zincfree, anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated from renewable base stocks to meet the performance requirements of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. These high lubricity base oils are paired with environmentally friendly additive technologies to minimize ecological impact.

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The Importance Of High Flash Point In Lubricants

BioBlend’s natural ester (plant) based lubricants have a naturally higher flash point than you typically find in petroleum-based products. You should always take the time to review and compare the properties of the lubricants you use against the operational needs of your equipment. HFDU is not compatible with water containing fluids.

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Superior Solvency With BioBlend Lubricants

BioBlend formulates all of their eSynTM products with natural and synthetic esters that have the ability to dissolve and act as a detergent and dispersant to many of the damaging particles that often find their way into equipment. Minimizing varnish build up and mitigating those costly results.

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High Polarity in BioBlend Lubricants and Industrial Products

In the 4th post of our eSynTM series detailing the high-performance characteristics of BioBlend’s lubricant and Industrial products we are going to take a look at their High Polarity. To recap, in weeks 2…

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BioBlend Lubricants’ Off The Charts Lubricity

Here we are rolling into week three of our eSynTM high performance characteristics series. This week we are going to look at the “Off The Charts” Lubricity of our renewable, and…

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Increased Viscosity Index With BioBend’s eSyn Lubricants

In our second post of the eSyn™ series we focus on “Increased Viscosity Index”, the first of six vital high performance lubricant characteristics that our eSyn products provide you every…

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