Success Stories


   BioGrease HDS 2 – An Impressive Debut


ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL., May 5th, 2018 – BioBlend today announced the overwhelmingly positive reaction to trials of their newest product, BioGrease HDS 2. HDS 2, a biodegradable and minimally toxic lithium complex grease, is designed for withstanding high operating temperatures, while maintaining excellent stability. In addition, BioGrease HDS 2 contains proprietary tackifier additives that make it ideal for marine construction, pins, bushings, and sheave applications.

Corbett Package Company, a cradle to grave raw materials manufacturer in Wilmington, North Carolina, has been using the new BioGrease HDS 2 with great success on their Volvo Log Handler.

“Our machine is in the dirt and mud all the time,” said James Meredith, Plant Manager for Corbett, “The HDS 2 grease just stays in place.”



Pictured: Corbett Package Company, Volvo Handler


The Operator of the Volvo, Clint Stull, and Lead Mechanic James Fowler, echoed James Meredith’s thoughts, “We are using much less grease with the HDS 2. With the old grease, we had to use 15-20 shots of grease every other day, now with BioGrease HDS 2, we are greasing with 5 shots, one time per week.”



From left to right: Gene Creech, Sales Rep for Sampson-Bladen Oil

Clint Stull, Operator of the Volvo Log Handler, James Fowler Lead Mechanic.  


Clint Stull and James Fowler would go on to add that BioGrease HDS 2 is keeping out water, mud, dirt, and other contaminants much better than previous greases Corbett Package has used.

Clint stated “We no longer see dirt, mud, and water pouring out of the pins and bushings like we did with the old grease. The HDS 2 grease keeps all of that out. It really stays in place.”

Corbett Package Company is supplied by BioBlend distributor, Sampson-Bladen Oil Company, and their Wilmington based representative, Gene Creech.




Nicholson Construction at Mark West Energy Partners
Pictured above:  Nicholson Construction at a Mark West Energy Partners natural gas compressor construction site.  Nicholson Construction is conscientious when it comes to environmental responsibility.  When drilling, Nicholson has elected to use BioLube RDP 150 rock drill lubricant in their down hole hammers.  When mixing and pumping cement or grout down hole, some material is splashed onto their portable mixers.  Nicholson has elected to to apply BioLube CS-3W onto their portable mixers prior to use in order to prevent dried cement from bonding to the surfaces and keep the equipment looking good.  Even with depressed oil and natural gas prices, there is still activity in the Marcellus Shale and opportunities to make the switch to BioBlend.  John Peters continues to uncover opportunities everyday for BioBlend.

For nearly 25 years, the Salmon River Restoration Council has been working to protect and restore Northern California's remote Salmon River watershed, one of the last strongholds of wild spring Chinook salmon in the state. The Fire, Fuels, & Forestry Program focuses on protecting communities from wildfire while also restoring the essential role of fire to the landscape through managed wildfire and prescribed burns. The Fuels Reduction Crew performs this work on the ground and is committed to the use of biodegradable chainsaw bar oil so that they don't leave behind petrochemical residues that impact terrestrial and aquatic life including the magnificent wild salmon for which the river is named. To learn more about the work and the watershed, please visit

Kudos to Tim Parker in the Northwest region for initiating the use of BioLube CBC around the Salmon River in Sawyers Bar, CA.

More success of our Multi-Purpose aerosols in the marine industry.  Pictured above is Julie Roubik, General Services Manager at Stock Island Marina in Key West, FL and Robbie Smith, Sales Representative for Tropic Oil in Miami.  Jim Doyle, our man in the Southeast continues to receive a great reception at marinas up and down the east coast.  
Everyday, we use our experience in the field to identify solutions to our customers problems.  Here, Jim Pezoldt solved a persistent problem for this large dam along the Missouri River.  The solenoid valves that actuated the spill gate rams constantly dripped a sludge caused by the food grade PAO hydraulic fluid that was in place.  This sludge clogged filters, created a heavy varnish, and caused the spill gates to work improperly creating an operational concern.  Jim recommended switching to a biodegradable and fully synthetic hydraulic fluid, BioFlo HEES 46, for use in their spill gate rams and the solution is working perfectly.    
ThyssenKrupp Elevator achieved LEED Gold status at their plant in Middleton, TN.  As part of the celebration, ThyssenKrupp opened the plant up to key partners and customers.  Here, Sam Burkett, President of BioBlend gives a presentation highlighting the benefits of Enviromax, the elevator hydraulic oil that we developed for use in the new Endura MRL line of hydraulic elevators.  They've made a commitment to going petroleum free and BioBlend is proud to partner with them to develop a complete suite of products.
BioBlend is the proud provider of industrial lubricants to Bandon Dunes, well known in the golf world as a premier resort in the Pacific Northwest.  Bandon Dunes takes great pride in their commitment to championship golf and sustainability.  Pictured along the 4th hole at Pacific Dunes: Ken Nice, Director of Agronomy Bandon Dunes; Tim Parker, President of Northwest Green Products; Kenneth Hindman, Director of Maintenance Bandon Dunes; Bill Smith, Vice President of BioBlend.
Coastal Drilling East in West Virginia utilizes BioLube RDP 220, BioFlo AWS 46 SF, and BioLube TJC as part of the Dam Safety Assurance program at the Bluestone Dam.  This project involves the installation of 162 high capacity rock anchors, ranging from 6 to 61 strands, to upgrade the stability of the existing dam. These rock anchors went as deep as 275 feet.  John Peters oversees BioBlend's business in drilling and oilfield services and was instrumental in getting this project underway.