BioBlend Brake Cleaner

BioBlend’s Biodegradable Brake Cleaner conforms to CARB VOC regulations.

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Non Chlorinated Brake Cleaner Aerosol

Cleans More Than Brakes

BioBlend’s brake cleaning solution instantly dissolves the grease, dirt, debris, and other buildups that affects the performance of mechanical equipment. The spray can be directly applied to disc brakes, drum brakes, and CV Joints without disassembling of the brake system.

BioBlend’s high-performance brake cleaner can be used to clean and degrease a wide variety of mechanical equipment in addition to brakes, including:

  • Electric motors (non-electrified)
  • Cables
  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Fans
  • Hoists
  • Gold and silver contacts
  • Guns
  • Air conditioners
  • And more

How Do I Use Brake Cleaner?

BioBlend Brake Cleaner cleans and degreases using biobased, readily biodegradable solvents delivered by an aerosol spray. Simply spray the mechanical component you want to clean with the brake cleaner liberally. The high-pressure brake cleaner spray will break up grease and other build-ups, allowing the solvents to begin dissolving them as quickly as possible. Continue applying the brake cleaner spray until the component is clean.

After the solvents finish dissolving build-up, the solution evaporates within minutes of its initial application. Once dry, the solution will not leave behind any chemicals or residue on the component you’ve cleaned. You can hasten drying by dabbing the solution with an absorbent cloth. Simply put: spray the brake cleaner on what you want to clean and wait. When the solution dries, the grease is gone.

What Makes BioBlend Brake Cleaner Environmentally Friendly?

BioBlend biodegradable brake cleaner conforms to the Environmental Protection Agency’s VOC regulations for aerosol coatings, which means the brake cleaner’s VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of 9.21 is low enough to be considered safe. BioBlend Brake Cleaner is also considered >85 biodegradable, which easily exceeds the 65% rating required to be considered “readily biodegradable.”

These two statistics mean that the solvents making up BioBlend Brake Cleaner isn’t dangerous when evaporated and readily biodegrade when exposed to air, respectively. In other words, the brake cleaner does its job and then dissolves into non-harmful natural vapor. You don’t have to worry about residue, chemicals, contamination risks, or releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere. You get effective brake cleaning without the toxic fumes or guilt.

Note: The product is flammable and gives off an odor.


Non-Chlorinated, Readily Biodegradable


Agriculture, Construction Equipment, Energy, Food Handling & Manufacturing, Government, Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rail, Wood Products


Aerosol Can – 16 oz