TruGrease FG ALC

TruGrease FG ALC 0, 1, 2 is designed for the requirements of plunger packing in the food processing industry. It’s registered as meeting the guidelines of an H1 product.

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Food Grade Grease

TruGrease FG ALC 0, 1 , 2 from BioBlend is designed specifically for the demanding requirements of plunger packing, in the food processing industry. TruGrease FG ALC is NSF registered as meeting the guidelines of an H1 product for incidental food contact. It is formulated with a blend of highly refined mineral and vegetable base oils of the optimum viscosity along with performance-enhancing additives.

  • Always take care to keep grease containers, transfer pumps, and fittings free of dirt and debris.
  • Regularly inspect and keep clear the lube transfer lines from the lubricator, distributor blocks and the passageways in the fluid end itself to ensure free flow of lubricant.
  • Provides an effective seal between packing and liners, extending the useful life of the equipment
  • Excellent adhesion and wear protection allowing for increased uptime
  • Resists corrosion and wash-off
  • Zinc free, food machinery grease
  • NSF H1 Certified

NSF Non-Food Compounds (H1)


NSF H1 Food Grade Lubricant


Food Handling & Manufacturing


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0, 1, 2