BioBlend Brake Cleaner


Product Description:

This high quality, Non-Chlorinated Contact / Brake Cleaning formulation which will not contaminate waste oils, solvent cleaning dip tanks or other recyclable waste solvent cleaning systems. Formulated with biobased, readily biodegradable solvents, this unique product can be applied without disassembly of the brake system and can be used on disc and drum, as well as CV Joints. It is a high-pressure delivery system that will not leave a residue and air dries very quickly. THIS PRODUCT CONFORMS TO CARB VOC REGULATIONS.

BioBlend Brake Cleaner is formulated featuring our proprietary eSyn™ technology.


Key Attributes/Approvals:

  • Strong formula
  • Safe to use
  • Leaves no residue
  • Cleans with high pressure
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Economical to use
  • Will not contaminate waste oil
  • Cleans deep and evaporates
  • Dissolves and removes tough build-up
  • Environmentally responsible

Can also be used to clean and degrease electric motors (non-electrified), cables, bearings, gears, fans, hoists, gold and silver contacts, guns, air conditioners, etc.
Direct can at part to be cleaned. Spray liberally until part is cleaned. Cleaned part will air dry in a few minutes leaving a clean dry surface. Drying can be hastened by dabbing with a clean absorbent cloth.

Since this product is flammable, do not spray on hot surfaces or near sparks or open flame.

NOTE: This product is not recommended on some forms of plastics, rubber, and coatings. Test ininconspicuous location to ensure compatibility.

See the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for emergency, proper handling, and disposal information.



Bioblend Brake Cleaner Aerosol SDS 10_21_2019