SynGear PE (Power End)

Features and certifications include…

  • • Meets AGMA 9005-E02 Industrial Gear Specification
  • • USDA BioPreferred Program
  • • EAL Classified


Product Description:

SynGear PE (Power End) is a fully synthetic gear lubricant for the power end in positive displacement reciprocating pumps. Especially triplex and quintuplex pumps used in oil and gas hydraulic fracturing and cementing operations.
Clean gear performance under conditions of high temperature and oxidation.

  • Excellent phosphorus retention, ensuring extended wear protection
  • Strong micro-pitting performance at 60 °C and 90 °C meeting industry standards
  • Performance exceeding AIST 224, AGMA 9005-F16 Anti-scuff and DIN 51517-III
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Miscible with mineral oil, PAO and esters
  • Good elastomer compatibility and seal swell performance
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • Good shear stability with no temporary shear loss

SynGear PE is created using our proprietary eSyn™ technology and is available in ISO grades 150 and 220.


Key Attributes/Approvals

  • Severe operating environments
  • Smaller sump sizes
  • Higher loads and temperatures coupled with increased shaft speeds
  • Difficulty in performing routine maintenance
  • Synthetic for expectations of longer drain intervals
  • Improved equipment efficiency



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