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BioBlend formulates high-performance, plant based EALs, oils, greases and other biodegradable products for a wide variety of applications. If you need any of the following products, BioBlend offers a proprietary blend that can fulfill both your exacting performance needs and your environmental sustainability goals.

Why Bioblend?

Meeting demanding environmental impact standards is a constant struggle for industries that rely on lubricants and oils. You want to be as environmentally responsible as possible, but you can’t afford to compromise to do it. In 2001, BioBlend was founded to make sure you don’t have to. 

BioBlend formulates biodegradable, environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs), oils, greases and other products that perform without compromise. Our experts use a proprietary mixture of renewable (plant based) base oils and high-performance additives that meet or exceed the industry performance standards of their non-renewable equivalents, all without breaking the bank. You can count on BioBlend to make cost-effective, sustainable performance without compromise possible.

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The eSyn™ Difference

To BioBlend, true environmental sustainability becomes achievable when it fits into, or “synergizes” with, your existing business goals and needs. BioBlend commits to making this synergy possible with our “eSyn” design process. We use our proprietary eSyn technology to make sure our products achieve all three of the eSyn “three e’s.” In order to be considered a BioBlend eSyn product, it must be:


The product must meet or exceed all relevant environmental standards for its application.


The product must meet or exceed all relevant key performance standards for its application.


The biodegradable or environmentally acceptable product must be cost competitive relative to its conventional counterparts.


Industries We Serve

When BioBlend works with any of the many industries we serve worldwide, we design our products to your particular specifications. We create customized solutions by designing products made of biobased material that meet exacting needs without compromising the ability, environmental acceptability, or affordability you need. If you work in any of the following industries, we’ve customized the right solution for you:

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