Railroads are a vital component of the worldwide supply chain. They are also used extensively for transportation in many parts of the world every day. Trains are expected to operate in every environment and weather extreme efficiently and without fail

Crisscrossing Every Environment

There are around 150,000 miles of rail track crisscrossing the nation (more than 1.4 million miles worldwide) in nearly every city and town, over rivers, streams, fields, forests and all manner of topography. Thousands of trains operate on these passageways day and night 365 days a year. Moving millions of tons of materials, products, and people efficiently and safely, not only for operators and passengers but also the environment, is a tough task requiring a high level of coordination and extremely well maintained equipment. Failures of any kind can cause massive financial losses, injury to passengers or employees and damage to the environment.

Minimize Environmental Exposure

Recognizing the fact that accidents can happen anywhere, and the importance of minimizing the impact of such events, BioBlend has created a series of environmentally responsible lubrication products for the Rail industry. These lubricants include products that have direct contact with the environment, and other products that if leaked, will be minimally toxic and biodegradable. BioBlend’s Rail solutions consists of a variety of high performance environmentally sound products such as:

  • Degreasers
  • Gear Oils
  • Greases
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Multi-purpose oils

You can count on BioBlend to keep your Rail operations running smoothly and a little more quietly with our high quality rail curve grease.

Eco Friendly Rail Curve Grease

BioBlend’s flagship rail product is our BioGrease RC 1. Featuring graphite to dampen sound and improve performance, BiGrease RC1 also contains organic friction modifiers and special polymers providing strong adhesion and water resistance. This combination leads to a superb high film strength product that has great anti-wear, load carrying, and low water washout properties. This product is readily biodegradable so its use on rail curves in any environment will not compromise your sustainability efforts and will improve your organization’s environmental synergy.

Stay on track with BioBlend’s high performance environmentally synergistic lubricants and related products call us now 630.656.9155.

Popular Solutions for Rail

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BioFlo Synthetic AW

(Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic)

BioFlo HEES is a fully synthetic, readily biodegradable, ester based hydraulic fluid. It offers high thermal and oxidative stability.

USDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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BioFlo AWS

(Semi-Synthetic Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Fluid)

BioFlo AWS Hydraulic Fluids are semi-synthetic, readily biodegradable, zinc-free, anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated from renewable base stocks.

USDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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BioFlo AW 5W-20

(Multi-Viscosity Hydraulic)

BioFlo AW 5w-20 removes customers' need to inventory AW 32 and AW 46 oils. It provides the highest oxidation resistance of any natural esters API group V in the industry.

eSyn CertifiedUSDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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