Construction Equipment

The efficiency of construction depends on the performance of heavy machinery, so proper lubrication is paramount. Using BioBlend’s high-performance biodegradable lubricants for construction machinery and vehicles makes them less likely to break down and ultimately saves your business time and money.

Proper Lubrication is Essential

construction equipment featuredWhen people think of construction machinery, the adjectives that come to mind are often “heavy-duty”, and “durable”. Both of these descriptors are appropriate, as most construction equipment is exposed to the elements on site while also being used for repetitive continuous work. This intense wear and tear calls for high quality lubricant so that the need for constant maintenance is reduced and the machinery lasts longer.

“Biodegradable” Is a Worthy Alternative

As important as lubrication is to this field, a loss of effectiveness is simply not a sacrifice anyone is willing to make. That means any switch to biodegradable fluids would require them to perform at the level of the mineral oils already being used. Utilizing our proprietary eSyn technology, the combination of fluid technology, efficiency and lesser environmental impact, is available right now.

BioBlend Formulas are Efficient and Durable

When considering the effects that lubricants have on the environment, of course the obvious solution is to use a renewable and biodegradable formula. Not only are these beneficial for nature’s preservation and safety, they are preferable to non-biodegradable lubricants for many other reasons. Our wide selection of oils and greases are long lasting, heat resistant, and specifically crafted for heavy-duty construction machinery. When you choose Bioblend, you get the highest quality products in the industry.

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