Wood Products

The wood products industry’s stream of production is very direct. Each step of the way the machinery used requires high-performance lubrication products to keep the process flowing. Einciormental exposure to the equipment makes it necessary to explore environmentally friendly options that can meet your performance requirements.

Sustainable Performance

Forestry equipment relies now more than ever on high-performance lubricants as equipment costs and functionality is increasing. BioBlend’s proprietary eSynTM technology has now made it possible to maximize performance while protecting the environment that the industry depends on. Whether working in extreme heat or punishing bitter cold the BioBlend line meets every challenge in a cost-effective manner. Sustainable, economical, environmental and effective is the BioBlend promise.

Sustainable Synergy

Renewable, biobased, readily biodegradable, and high-performance hydraulic oils, greases, and specialty products only make sense for an industry that depends on sustainable forestry for their livelihood. Our pragmatic approach to biobased lubrication makes BioBlend the best choice for effective and economic biodegradable lubrication.

Sustainable Products for All Temperatures

  • High Performance Hydraulic oils
  • High performance biodegradable Greases
  • Bar & Chain Lubricants
  • Multi-Purpose Oils
  • Saw Guide Oil

Contact us today and we will match you up with the best eco friendly performance driven lubricant(s) for your equipment.

Popular Solutions for Wood Products

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BioLube WRL XT

(Wire Rope Lubrication )

BioLube WRL is a biodegradable, zinc-free wire rope lube formulated from renewable basestocks.

eSyn CertifiedUSDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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BioFlo EPIC TO-4

(Synthetic Transmission Fluid)

BioFlo EPIC TO-4 Fluid is a full synthetic transmission fluid formulated for use in the most severe environments. EPIC TO-4 is designed with the highest quality additives.

eSyn CertifiedVGP EAL

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BioBlend HD Anti-Freeze -40

(Heavy Duty Pre-Charged Coolant/Antifreeze)

Made from readily biodegradable propylene glycol, this formula protects against corrosion of cooling systems.

eSyn Certified

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