Having a thriving farming industry is crucial to any nation’s ability to progress in technology and build a stronger economy. Because of this, more efficient and eco-friendly methods of providing quality produce and meat are being explored. BioBlend wants to empower farmers with high-quality products so they can embrace the positive change.

The Demand for Eco-Friendly Lubricants

agricultureAcross the nation, people are becoming more concerned with buying from companies that are considerate of the impact their methods have on soil, produce, and animals. By using environment friendly products, agricultural companies and farmers can have the peace of mind knowing they can provide the best produce and meats to their consumers.

BioBlend is The Solution

Non-biodegradable lubricants are not only harmful to the environment, they can contaminate the product with toxic chemicals, which is especially concerning when most of these products are being consumed by customers. The need for innovative solutions to minimize the negative effects of most man-made lubricants on the environment has driven BioBlend to explore new bio-degradable formulas. BioBlend provides high performance and food grade lubricants specifically for farming equipment and vehicles. These formulas are readily biodegradable, efficient and exceed the requirements for high-pressure hydraulic foods for the food processing company.

Because the agricultural industry depends on a healthy environment, using BioBlend lubricants for machinery maintenance is a responsible choice when working alongside nature. Cultivate your operation’s efficiency and sustainability today by filling out a request form or calling us today at: 630.656.9155.

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