Oil & Gas

BioBlend is a leading innovator in the Oil and Gas sector. We recognize that Hydraulic Fracturing is one of the primary keys to achieving energy independence. For more than 10 years BioBlend has been there to help the companies who are engaged in fracking, utilize lubricants that help to minimize the impact of this sometimes controversial process.

Performance for Fracking

BioBlend has developed a group of specialized readily biodegradable lubricants formulated with our proprietary eSynTM technology. Our line of hydraulic fluids, rock drill oils, plunger packing lubes and greases, gear oils, greases and specialty products deliver unparalleled performance for a wide range of applications in demanding Oil & Gas operations. Whether Drilling, Hydraulic Fracturing, Cementing, or other Oil & Gas operations, BioBlend provides performance focused lubrication solutions. The combined characteristics of superior performance, biobased oils, proprietary additives, minimally toxic, non bioaccumulative, high viscosity index, and renewable and sustainable properties, provide a unique solution to the industry’s high performance environmentally acceptable lubricant requirements.

Environmentally Synergistic Alternatives

The BioBlend family of eco friendly products that best suit the Oil and Gas Industry includes:

  • Plunger Packing Lubricants
  • Plunger Packing Greases
  • Rock Drill Oils
  • Release agents for cement, asphalt and related products
  • Thread Joint Compound for drill pipe and other threaded products

Each of these products has been carefully developed and tested to meet or exceed your performance expectations and provide an environmentally synergistic alternative to traditional petroleum based products. Call us today or fill out a contact form to learn more.

Popular Solutions for Oil & Gas

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BioLube WRL XT

(Wire Rope Lubrication )

BioLube WRL is a biodegradable, zinc-free wire rope lube formulated from renewable basestocks.

eSyn CertifiedUSDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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BioFlo EPIC TO-4

(Synthetic Transmission Fluid)

BioFlo EPIC TO-4 Fluid is a full synthetic transmission fluid formulated for use in the most severe environments. EPIC TO-4 is designed with the highest quality additives.

eSyn CertifiedVGP EAL

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BioLube TJC

(Thread Joint Compound)

BioLube TJC is a readily biodegradable thread and joint compound for drill pipe and other threaded connections. It is formulated with quality natural ester base oil and non-metallic solids.

eSyn CertifiedNSF 61USDA Certified Biobased ProductVGP EAL

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