Why BioBlend?

BioBlend has been offering biobased lubricants on a global scale for over two decades. Our products are formulated to ensure they meet the same performance standards and demands as the conventional petroleum fluids they are selected to replace.

For more than 20 years, BioBlend has been developing and improving upon biodegradable and sustainable products that can replace petroleum-based products.

As an innovator with a passion for a more sustainable future, BioBlend offers a full spectrum of industrial products that enable a seamless transition to biobased products. Our experts can guide customers down the path from petroleum-based to more sustainable products that enhance their environmental and safety objectives without sacrificing performance or value.

We are an innovation leader, continually developing and improving our products, processes and production capabilities. We are always on the quest for something better.

Using biodegradable and other environmentally responsible formulations enables customers to save money in the long term by mitigating the financial costs and environmental risks associated with petroleum spills, clean-up and site remediation.

In addition, many of our products offer distinct performance advantages vs. conventional petroleum lubricants, such as:

  • Naturally High Viscosity Index
  • Powerful Metal Polarity
  • Superior Lubricity
  • Very High Flash Point
  • Superior Cleansing Ability
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

In most cases, our products are fully compatible with petroleum-based fluids*, making the conversion easy.

*The only exception is PAG synthetics (polyalkyleneglycol) which are incompatible with conventional petroleum fluids, conventional synthetic fluids and bio-lube fluids. They are often incompatible with other PAG’s from other manufacturers.