BioLube TJC (Thread Joint Compound)

Typical Properties

Product Description

BioLube TJC is a readily biodegradable thread and joint compound for drill pipe
and other threaded connections. It is formulated with high quality natural ester
base oil and non-metallic solids, providing excellent protection against seizing and
galling. This formula is also highly resistant to water washout and corrosion. It is easy to apply across a wide temperature range and is available in a pumpable version, BioLube TJC 1. BioLube TJC and TJC 1 are registered as meeting the standards of NSF/ANSI 61: Drinking water system components and are free of PFA’s (Polyfluoroalkyl substances). BioLube TJC is a premium quality, non-toxic alternative to petroleum oil-based thread compounds, many of which contain a high percentage of metallic solids.


BioLube TJC is formulated featuring our proprietary eSynTM technology.


Key Attributes/Approvals

• NSF/ANSI 61 Certified
• PFA’s Free
• USDA BioPreferred Program
• Meets API RP 5A3
Any industry utilizing threaded connections where a release into the environment is possible: oil & gas drilling, geo-technical drilling, water well drilling, construction, mining, etc.

See the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for emergency, proper handling, and disposal information.



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