BioBlend EPIC EL

BioBlend’s EPIC EL is a plant-based natural ester Dust Suppressant designed to reduce fugitive dust created by vehicle traffic, industrial & agricultural equipment, and material handling equipment.

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Dust Suppressant

BioBlend’s EPIC EL (EsterLink) Dust Suppressant (DS) is a plant based (soy) natural ester dust control product uniquely designed to greatly reduce fugitive dust created by vehicle traffic, industrial & agricultural equipment, material handling equipment as well as many other tumultuous dusty environments. BioBlend’s EsterLink technology was developed in a world class research and development facility in a prominent upper Midwestern University. This scientific approach allowed the creation of this cutting edge renewable and biodegradable dust suppressant.


The following video from the United Soybean Board, demonstrates EPIC EL in action:

EPIC EL DS not only provides peace of mind in using a biobased environmentally sustainable product, but it also provides superior, long lasting performance over traditional magnesium/calcium chlorides. As an added benefit, you can use the same application equipment as with traditional types of products and does not need to be cleaned out when the day is done. BioBlend’s EPIC EL DS is manufactured from renewable feedstocks which provide a non-toxic and non-corrosive emulsion product.

BioBlend’s EPIC EL Dust Suppressant is formulated featuring our proprietary EsterLink technology, and is eSyn™️ Certified.

Primary applications are unpaved gravel roads, agriculture roads & fields, dairy, orchards, vineyards, mining haul & access roads, material handling equipment, industrial stockpiles & fertilizer, minerals, coal, quarries, landfill roads, steel mills, solar and windfarm construction, forest roads, oil & gas exploration, construction.

  • USDA BioPreferred Program & 100% Biobased
  • Do not allow to freeze
  • Concentrate | Designed to be mixed with water
  • Concentrate needs to be agitated prior to use & in rare cases general heating of the product to approximately
    100-degrees F may be required
  • Consult with your BioBlend representative to determine desired mix ratios and application rates

eSyn™️ Certified, USDA Certified Biobased Product


Biobased Replacement for Magnesium/Calcium Chloride, Provides Superior Long Lasting Support, USDA BioPreferred Program


Agriculture, Construction Equipment, Energy, Government, Mining, Oil & Gas, Rail, Wood Products


Pail – 5 gal, Drum – 55 gal, Tote – 275 gal