EPIC DS (Dust Suppressant) is a plant-based natural ester dust control product uniquely designed to greatly reduce fugitive dust created by vehicle traffic, industrial & agricultural equipment, material handling equipment as well as many other tumultuous dusty environments.

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Epic DS is BioBlend’s new and improved dust suppressant concentrate. This excellent dust control solution replaces and outperforms our BioBlend DSO and Epic EL products. Epic DS is a renewable, plant-based natural ester dust suppressant that is specifically designed to reduce and control dust on a variety of road surfaces, as well as industrial and material handling applications. Some of these applications include:

  1. Gravel or dirt – roads, driveways and parking lots
  2. Construction sites
  3. Wind and solar farms
  4. Stockpiles
  5. Orchard roads
  6. Agricultural roads and drives
  7. Logging access roads
  8. Mining roads
  9. And many more


The Federal Highway Administration estimates that over 1.3 million miles of US roads are unpaved. It also estimates that approximately one ton of gravel is lost per vehicle per year from the dust created by vehicles traveling on these roads. Consequently, annual maintenance becomes a major expense for counties and municipalities across the country. Epic DS has been tested in field demonstrations on private, county, city and township roads throughout North America. It has been proven to be a cost effective, 100% biodegradable, and environmentally sustainable suppressant that effectively and consistently reduces vehicle traffic-caused fugitive dust and erosion, as well as wash boarding and water washout during heavy rain events.

Epic DS doesn’t require prewetting or rewetting as the product is designed to penetrate the surface of the material and works to bind the particulate for a powerful sustained non-leaching effect. It also provides superior, long-lasting fugitive dust suppression performance over traditional and more environmentally toxic chloride or petroleum-based dust suppressants. Epic DS is manufactured with renewable resources captured from everyday crops such as soybeans and canola, making our product environmentally safe and non-toxic. Epic DS is versatile; it can be used to control fugitive dust and dirt in low traffic areas, high  traffic areas, stockpiles or even on spot applications, and it typically only takes 15-20 minutes to cure per spray pass. Using our dust suppressant ultimately allows for better visibility and improved air quality for people, livestock, crops, and pets.

Epic DS is water soluble and non-corrosive, making it easy to clean and easy to use with traditional agricultural spray systems, specific truck spray systems, or your existing spray equipment. Extensive surface preparation is typically not required. However, for best results, grading and crowning the road/base to 3-4% is recommended. This will help with surface penetration and allow more material to be absorbed each spray pass. The typical mixing ratio is 1 part concentrate to 3 parts water then mixing/agitating until the resulting combined product has the color and consistency of whole milk. Please review our frequently asked questions and application technical bulletin document links on this page for additional details.

Unlike its chloride-based alternatives, this impressive product remains highly effective during periods of drought since it does not require water or moisture to remain effective. Epic DS is a product that has been proven to encapsulate and stabilize particulate matter. Please contact BioBlend to learn more, get a quote, or find answers to your environmentally responsible dust suppression questions.


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