TruGear FG

Features and certifications include…

  • • NSF H1 Food Grade Lubricant
  • • Extreme Pressure Performance
  • • Anti-wear And Anti-corrosion Attributes


Product Description:

TruGear FG extreme pressure gear oils are formulated from premium white oils. They contain extreme pressure, anti-wear, and anti-corrosion additives to protect gears, bearings and shafts in a variety of enclosed gear systems. TruGear FG gear oils are NSF registered as meeting the guidelines of an H1 product for incidental food contact.


Key Attributes/Approvals

To be used in industrial gear applications primarily in food processing and food packaging plants. TruGear FG gear oils are not designed to biodegrade in the environment should a release occur. For applications that require biodegradability due to regulation or a sensitive environment, please use BioGear EP or BioGear S gear oils.


For emergency and proper handling information please review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).



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