In looking at the high-performance characteristics of BioBlend’s lubricant and Industrial products, High Polarity is an attribute worth exploring. In previous articles, we discussed two vital high-performance advantages that BioBend’s natural and synthetic ester based lubricants provide which were:

  1. High Viscosity Index (VI) – A high VI indicates greater stability of the lubricants as temperature changes. This is especially important as lubricant temperature increases during normal operations.
  2. High Lubricity (Film Strength) – the measure of reduction in friction and wear by a lubricant. An obvious benefit of this is a natural check on heat in the system caused by friction.

When you combine these first two features with High Polarity you get a trifecta of powerful characteristics that are necessary to outperform  petroleum-based products.

What is Polarity?

Polarity refers to a natural ester’s affinity for solid surfaces (metals). The molecules of the natural esters utilized in BioBlend products exhibit this attraction to a much greater degree than those of petroleum-based products. In other words, polarity is the “stickiness” of a lubricant to the metal surfaces you are trying to protect during your everyday operations.

Natural esters are dipolar in their chemistry. With this simple two pole trait they tend to attract better to metals than their multipolar petroleum counterparts. Typically, it is the additives in a petroleum-based product that primarily impact their polarity.

Why is Polarity in Lubricants Important?

Polarity in lubricants is important because the stronger the affinity (stickiness) to metal surfaces in your equipment the more powerful the protection of those surfaces. Low polarity will result in increased friction and wear. High polarity increases the lubricant’s penetration properties which are critical in nearly all applications but especially so in wire ropes, chains and cables.

There are many reasons lubricants can fail within your equipment and cause catastrophic and wildly expensive damage to your equipment. If you do not already have one in place, we encourage you to proactively defend your equipment and bottom line by implementing a structured oil analysis program for your facility or fleet as soon as possible.

Our great products all provide high polarity ensuring you the extra protection you need for your equipment.

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