This article will focus on Increased Viscosity Index, the first of six vital high performance lubricant characteristics that our eSyn™ products provide you every day. These six characteristics set BioBlend products apart and above their petroleum based counterparts. Our “secret sauce” is in how we blend and test our natural and synthetic ester based lubricant and industrial products. The amazing thing about BioBlend eSyn products is they not only outperform your expectations but they also help you meet your organization’s sustainability goals while still being cost effective.

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What is Viscosity Index?

Viscosity Index (often referred to as VI) is an observed, unitless number that indicates the measure of the relational change in a fluid’s viscosity with temperature changes. Typically, when heated a liquid will become less viscous. Note – the opposite is true as well – the lower the VI the more a temperature change will affect an oil’s viscosity.

The naturally increased VI in BioBlend’s lubricants help to significantly lower the tendency to change viscosity with temperature, making the fluid more stable. Because our VI is natural, it resists the shearing that is very common in petroleum products that require additives to enhance their VI.

Why is a high VI important?

If your equipment is operating with lower VI lubricants, you will find that those fluids may need to be changed more frequently and the equipment they are used in tend to show more wear over time, which ultimately decreases their operating efficiency and shortens their life span. Conversely, BioBlend’s naturally high viscosity lubricants provide more protection at higher temperatures and can help to reduce drain intervals, maintain and/or increase operational efficiency, and equipment life.

Please note: It is recommended to institute a formal oil analysis program to make sure you are getting the most out of your lubricants and to protect your investment. Contaminants like moisture and dirt can find their way into your system and cause damage to your equipment. Without a proper oil analysis program in place you may not notice an issue until it becomes catastrophic and very costly.

Our line of AW hydraulic oils feature a high VI, for stability across a broad temperature range. 

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