BioFlo AW

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid

BioFlo AW are zinc-free, anti-wear, eco-friendly hydraulic fluids formulated from renewable base stocks to meet the performance requirements of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems.

Features and Certifications Include:

eSyn CertifiedUSDA Certified Biobased Product
  • Minimally Toxic
  • Not Bioaccumlative
  • Readily Biodegradable

Product Description:

BioFlo AW Hydraulic Fluids are readily biodegradable, zinc-free, anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated from renewable basestocks to meet the performance requirements of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. These high lubricity base oils are paired with environmentally friendly additive technologies to minimize ecological impact. These lubricants offer excellent thermal and oxidative stability, assuring superior service life with minimal viscosity change over a broad range of operating temperatures. BioFlo AW fluids are suitable for use in all conventional hydraulic systems, especially environmentally sensitive applications. Available as a sheen-free product upon request. BioFlow AW is formulated featuring our proprietary eSynTM technology.

Useful for any industry (construction, refuse, mining, dredging, marine, agriculture, oil & gas, plant operations, etc.) utilizing mobile or stationary hydraulically powered equipment, especially hydraulic systems where a release into the environment is possible or where a leak or spill could reach a waste stream.


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