BioBlend’s EPIC EL Dust Suppressant – With Ester Link Technology

BioBlend Dust Suppressant 2In celebration of Earth Day 2021, BioBlend is proud and excited to launch our newest high performance environmentally responsible product – EPIC EL Dust Suppressant. EPIC EL is a premier soy based dust control product designed with our powerful proprietary Ester Link technology providing superior fugitive particle (dust) control while also being friendly to the environment including: waterways, agriculture, wildlife, humans, etc.. EPIC EL Dust Suppressant is environmentally safe because it is natural ester (in this case derived from soy) based. In fact, EPIC EL is on the USDA BioPreferred list of biobased products and is estimated to be 100% biodegradable per the USDA’s testing. EPIC EL also meets our own stringent requirements to be certified as a BioBlend eSyn™ product meaning it is:

  • High Performance
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Cost Effective

We worked closely with a team from a prominent upper Midwestern State University to develop this natural soy-based dust suppressant with additional financial support from state and national soy promotional organizations. The result is a dust control product that creates powerful links between the natural soy esters and maintains those links as long as possible in high traffic and weather affected areas. At a very high level our Ester Link technology is named after the ability of the natural esters and additives we use to “link up” with one another and hold together in the face of various external pressures.

How does it work?

Dust Suppression, also called dust control, is defined as the prevention or reduction of the quantity of fine particulates airborne or suspended in the air. Specifically, particulate matter that is less than 10 microns and 2.5 microns (PM10 & PM2.5) EPIC EL Dust Suppressant works by utilizing our mighty Ester Link technology to penetrate surfaces whether they are dirt roads, piles of product, or worksites etc., and encapsulate the particulate matter. These encapsulated particles then link with other ester encapsulated particles (this is the “ester linking” in action). This bond holds up very well in all kinds of heavy use conditions, resists leaching and “washboarding” all while having no detrimental impact on the environment. EPIC EL Dust Suppressant also notably does not attack or corrode metal surfaces and can be spread with your existing application equipment. BioBend’s EPIC EL Dust Suppressant exhibits outstanding particulate control performance on a variety of dust producing surfaces such as:

You can view EPIC EL Dust Suppressant Data and Safety Data (SDS) information on our site – As always you can visit our site to learn more about BioBlend and call us directly at 630-227-1800. You can also fill out a contact request form and we would be happy to follow up with you regarding your needs.