Another great attribute of BioBlend’s eSyn™ products is superior natural solvency. In previous articles, we have touched on the powerful characteristics that firmly set BioBlend lubricants apart from their petroleum-based counterparts. These are:

  1. High VI – A high V.I. indicates greater stability of the lubricants as temperature changes. This is especially important as lubricant temperature increases during normal operations.
  2. High Lubricity – the measure of reduction in friction and wear by a lubricant. An obvious benefit of this is a natural check on heat in the system caused by friction.
  3. High Polarity – Polarity refers to a natural ester’s affinity for solid surfaces (metals). The molecules of the natural esters utilized in BioBlend products exhibit this attraction to a much greater degree than those of petroleum-based products. In other words, polarity is the “stickiness” of a lubricant to the metal surfaces you are trying to protect during your everyday operations.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Solvency?

Simply put, solvency is the measure of a lubricant’s ability to dissolve a compound. A lubricant with high solvency like BioBlend’s will better protect your equipment against damaging varnish buildup within its system during operation.

Why is Solvency Important?

Before we dig deeper into solvency we need to take a brief look at varnish, one of its common causes (though there are many), and its effects. One common cause of varnish is degradation of the lubricant due to high heat (Note – BioBlend lubricants’ have a high VI which helps protect against this degradation because they remain stable at higher temperatures when compared to their petroleum counterparts). When a lubricant degrades, whatever the cause, the degraded molecules can begin sticking to the walls, gaskets and seals within your system. As this varnish builds up on seals and gaskets it can break them down and eventually lead to leaking or ingression of other contaminants. The results of this type of damage can be obviously costly. Also, as varnish builds up on the metal surfaces within your equipment it can add to additional wear between surfaces, stickiness in normal operation of the equipment, and as particles of varnish and/or increased wear break away, they can plug or damage filters. Ultimately all of this indicates lower efficiency, lower productivity, and potential costly repairs.

The ability of a lubricant to dissolve contaminants and keep them from building up within the system is vital and BioBlend’s products do this naturally. BioBlend formulates all of their eSyn products with natural and synthetic esters that have the ability to dissolve and act as a detergent and dispersant to many of the damaging particles that often find their way into equipment, minimizing varnish build up and mitigating costly repairs. A high solvency product will offer better overall performance throughout the life of the lubricant – and your equipment.


Proper filtration is important because combining a lubricant with superior solvency and proper filtration at storage, during routine oil changes and within the equipment itself, will help dramatically extend the life of your lubricants and your investment. Make a conscious effort to find a level of filtration that fits your operations and your budget.

For instance, if you utilize bulk tanks to store your lubricants you can filter product as it enters the tank and filter the product again as you fill your equipment. You can also limit water issues by proactively adding breathers to your tanks and equipment where appropriate. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations regarding how often to change filters in your equipment and those of the filter manufacturer for any aftermarket filter systems you may choose to add. You can also consider filtering lubricants within your equipment between drain intervals by using filter carts or filter panels. Your lubricant distributor should be able to help you figure out the best move forward when it comes to proper filtration.

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