BioBlend Private Label Collection 1200pxHey distributors! BioBlend is here to help you start a new conversation in 2021. We offer you a great Private Label program to help you bring Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants into your own family of products. Each item of BioBlend’s eSynTM line is a high performance, biodegradable, sustainable and renewable lubricant or industrial product. Our powerful lines include products in vital and profitable categories including:

  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Greases
  • Gear Oils
  • Specialty, which include products such as – penetrating oils, multi-purpose oils, dust suppressants, anti-freeze, and much more.

BioBlend is going on 20 years of experience in the bio-based lubricant market. We invested thousands of hours in the lab and in the field testing, evaluating and retesting in order to make sure each product reaches its maximum potential for protection of both your customers’ equipment and the environment.

You may not know this but bio-based lubricants have natural properties that help them to often out perform their petroleum based counterparts. We have documented and detailed these in our eSyn series of posts and I encourage you to review them as you have time for the more in-depth details but in a nutshell there are six areas of increased performance characteristics with our lubricants and industrial products:

  • Increased Viscosity Index (VI)
  • Off the charts Lubricity
  • High Polarity
  • Powerful Solvency
  • High Flash Point
  • High Dielectric Strength

When you couple these with stringent formulation, testing and warranty you have a series of bio-based lubricants designed for business success. You will be providing your sales team with products they can take to their customers with confidence and renewed energy. Plus, you will have our team in your corner every step of the way through our comprehensive training and technical support. Yes, we will hold online or onsite training seminars for your team and online or onsite customer support when it makes the most sense.

BioBlend makes this all as easy as possible for you to implement through our two track Private Label options:

  • Co-Branded – Fastest and easiest
  • Fully Branded – Your colors, your designs, your voice

Our highly dedicated team of operational and marketing professionals will work closely with your team to plan and provide you with the text and support you need to develop your collateral, labels, data sheets, safety data sheets, and Website content. Finally, we top the program off by not requiring you to stock product and we offer direct shipping to your customers. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Take a moment to review some of our products – BioBlend Products and review more details about our private label programs – Private Label – BioBlend

Or if you want to talk to one of our team to learn more please fill out our contact form – Contact BioBlend or call us directly at 630-227-1800. We are here to help you as you enter the renewable lubricants market.

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